Here are some Frequently asked questions

Q: If I make a donation to The Lords Work, for a micro-loan in a foreign land, how much of the money actually gets to the borrower ?

A: 100%. Tom and Kevin and Jeff pay all expenses out of their pockets. Transfer fees, website, all corporate infrastructure, everything. It’s really more than 100% because we usually add to it to cover operating cost at the other end. When have you ever seen a charity do this?

Q: How can I trust that?

A: If you got to this website then chances are you know Tom or Kevin or Jeff. Or someone you know, told you that they are friends with us. These are personal relationships, not random people. Read our history page for lots of details.

Q: Can I build a relationship with the person I give too ?

A: Yes. One of our early goals was to put the borrower and the lender together via email or snail mail. This was confounded by our first country Haiti because of issues with the countries infrastructure (e.g. No mail service, spotty internet, language barriers, illiteracy). The best we could do was provide names and pictures to our givers. Moving forward we want to offer this connection to our givers. Perhaps the giver can email or send a letter if they choose. Maybe even get to know the families on a more personal level. This may lead to a more formal relationship between borrower and giver.

Q: Which country should I send money?

A: Listen to your heart. Sometimes we have brand new opportunities to be bold and test the waters; ask about those.

Q: Have you been there ?

A: As we test the waters we either go personally to the sites or send a representative. The leaders in the other countries talk with each other and we arrange in person meetings wherever possible. COVID has slowed this process but we are pressing on. We have multiple trips planned to Haiti, Uganda and others in 2021. Some also travel to the US to meet with us. Dr. Mesadieu from Haiti met with us in Texas in 2018 and returned in January 2022. We hope to bring William Tetteh from Liberia and Gabriel Obuya from Kenya to Texas.

Q: Is there an opportunity for me to go to one of these locations ?

A: Absolutely! We would love to help you put together a trip. Contact Jeff to discuss options, funding assistance, and your personal goals and needs.

Q: How can I help at home?

A: Lots of ways. Website, fundraising, administrative items, newsletters, or help us at Our Hospice Resale Shop.

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