Our Hospice House – Coming 2023

We are building a model for multiple local community-based Hospice Houses for the last few days to weeks of life. A place with an outdoor garden and comfortable home-like atmosphere for families to gather for end of life care. A living room, eating area, kitchen to enjoy family time. A chapel for prayer and quite reflection. Private rooms with a seating area adjacent to the bedroom.

A Special Care Facility Just for End of Life Care

Our Hospice Houses will be facilities that offer love and compassion through trained community volunteers and a staff of nursing assistants. This care is provided in a home-like atmosphere, with clean and comfortable, private rooms.

Make a Donation

Patients will not be charged for their stay.  Our Hospice Houses will not receive money from Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, or other governmental resources. Instead, they will rely on the generosity of the patients and the families who benefit our resale shop, community support, and charitable organizations. 

We Need Your Support

By making a commitment, YOU are providing Comfort, Dignity, Compassion, and Peace to our patients and their grieving families.  Most of these patients and their families don’t have many other options and no other home based option for dying.   Help us today, and you will know that you are caring for some of the most vulnerable in our community at their time of final need.  Please make a donation of time, money or items to The Lords Work, or our first Resale Shop in Robinson, Tx which will open for our first sale in early 2022.

About “Our Hospice Houses

Our Hospice Houses will be available to residents of the area who have been diagnosed as terminal and have a life expectancy of less than three weeks to live. In collaboration with Hospice programs throughout the Central Texas Area, our Hospice Houses will provide shelter and personal care while the Hospice team provides the medical care. Our Hospice Houses will provide both the patient and family with companionship, homemaker services, personal care and compassionate support. 

Our Hospice Houses are homes designed to allow terminally ill patients who are on hospice with a local hospice company, a place to stay during their final days at no cost.  The homes will be owned and operated by our Non Profit 501(c)3 (pending). Caregivers are in the home 24 hours a day to provide care for the residents. The local hospice companies can recommend people who, because of circumstances in their lives, need a place to live out their days.  Family members are encouraged to visit with their loved ones.

The first home will have 3 private spacious bedrooms. There will be a living room/dining room area for families to congregate, have a special occasion, or just a dinner together. An outside garden area will be available for the family to gather or have a quiet moment.

This will be the first and only home of this type in the area and we are very proud to offer these services to our community.

Mission Statement

Our Hospice Houses recognizes dying as a part of the normal phases of life and focuses on respect and compassion in preparation for death. Its mission is to provide care for persons in the last phase of a terminal disease process, so they can approach death with dignity, comfort, compassion, grace and peace.

Our Leadership

We each have a personal connection to hospice related situations

The Lords Work Board:

-Dr Jeff Bates, MD and Jennifer Bates, RN, FNP bring a combined 30+ years of hospice care in the Central Texas area to this project. Jennifer has prayed about this project for over ten years. Jeff’s dad was blessed to die a peaceful death in a hospice house in Florida in 2019 and this was an important milestone in bringing Our Hospice Houses to fruition.

-Tom and Margie Wright have a love for people and Christ and graciously share their blessings with others. The lost a loved one who died without some at his bedside.

-Dr. Kevin Dwyer, MD, DVM, His parents also were blessed to have the benefit of hospice services in their own home environment.

-Director of Development: Jeh Howell brings nearly 40 years of business leadership to our group. Jeh’s son Cameron struggled for a decade with a terminal condition and died in 2019.

Waco/Robinson Advisory Council

-Mark and Holley Walsh have years of experience caring for hospice patients in the Waco area with Bluebonnet Hospice. Holley’s mom died in a hospice house in East Texas and she has been praying for this project for years.

-David and Sonya Wilson

-Monte and Sandra Michael

-Daryl and Dana Riegel

-Trey Scherwitz

-Nikki Mayo

-Don and Marsha Strieber

-Wes and Paige Smith

Liberty Hill Advisory Council

-Alan J. and Denise Vincik

-Terry and Kay Williams

-Mary Lyn Jones

-Kati Lambert

-Jaton Pittard

-Ricky Mata

-Daniel Duckworth

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