Men’s Conference Details


We’re excited to have you join us for the 3rd Heart of Texas Mens conference this coming Friday at GlenLake in Glen Rose.

GlenLake Camp & Retreat Center
1102 NE Barnard St
Glen Rose, TX 76043

We officially start at 5pm with supper in the cafeteria.  They only serve food from 5-5:30pm so if you are late you might need to stop for a burger. You can arrive after 3pm and come to Siceloff auditorium. The first session starts at 7pm in the Siceloff Auditorium up front in the complex.  If you are interested in playing golf on Friday please contact Daryl at 254-760-0944

Remember to bring your own bedding as the venue is a camp.  Pillows, blankets, towels are not provided.   A fan makes a good noise maker and your cpap machine is essential if you have one.  Bring an extension cord. We will have some ear plugs too. If you are under 50yrs old or so, plan on picking a top bunk if needed- some of us old guys can barely move, much less climb. A list of rules is attached but in general no radios, no TVs, no pets, no drugs or alcohol.  Bring a bible instead. 

Everyone must sign the release form and this  must be done before arriving on site.  Here is the link.

You should leave Sunday with a minimum of six new friends and their numbers.  This could be life changing – don’t waste the opportunity.  

Any questions, please text – don’t call, Jeff at (254) 216-2020 before hand, or Jeh (386) 590-0077 once you arrive.  

Jeff Bates

Official Glen Lake Rules 

OFFICE NUMBER: (254)897-2247

FAX NUMBER: 1-866-563-7138


This number is answered during business hours or 9am-4pm Monday-Friday 

ACCOMMODATIONS: Each person (group) will be held responsible for equipment and property in his/her room (lodge) and for the defacing or destruction of any properties of Glen Lake. If damage or misuse occurs, the group responsible will be billed accordingly.

SPEED LIMIT: The speed limit while on Glen Lake grounds is 15 miles per hour. This is non-negotiable.

QUIET HOURS: Quiet hours are observed from 10pm-7am. Groups are expected to observe the rights of others to peace and quiet during these hours. The City of Glen Rose enforces this and noise cannot be louder than 89 decimals after 10pm. If there is a complaint and Glen Lake Camp gets fined, you will be invoiced for the fee.

PROHIBITED ITEMS: Radios, televisions (other than for groups use), pets, fireworks, firearms and

dangerous weapons are not allowed. Please do not bring hot plates, heaters, and other similar types of equipment.

SERVICE ANIMALS FOR DISABILITIES: Animals are not allowed at Glen Lake. We do allow Service Animals for Disabilities only. The animal must be certified and registered as a service animal and they must wear their vest at all times while on site. This helps ensure everyone on camp experiences a true state of refuge.

ALCOHOL AND SMOKING: Use of alcohol is strictly prohibited. Smoking is prohibited inside all buildings. Please refrain from smoking within 15 feet of the entrance to any building. You must dispose of your cigarette butts in the trash.

HOST PHONE #: 254-396-7336 –

Glen Lake Camp & Retreat Center, P.O. Box 928, Glen Rose, TX 76043 (254) 897-2247

Location– Glen Rose, Tx

Registration– Go to “Donation Page” and donate the cost of $149 (feel free to pay more to defray the cost of scholarships). PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT tax exempt.

Free Time– We encourage you to enjoy any of the scheduled activities or to spend time in silent devotion, exploring the camp grounds, meeting with others, walking and communing with nature. All scheduled activities are optional but encouraged.

Workshops– Addiction, Money, Family, Missions, Discipleship, Work

Dress Code– Please no Coat and Tie. Shirt and shoes highly recommended.

Covid– Vaccines not required. Mask not required. It’s been almost 2 years, make wise choices.

Driving in– We recommend you car pool. It’s a great time to connect. .

Missions leaders will be on site to discuss current and future projects including representatives from these programs and more:
-Men Of Valor. org

-Restoration Gateway. org – Uganda

-Unite Lutte Sante ULS – Haiti

-The Gideons International

-The Lords Work. org

-OurHospiceHouse. org

Questions– Text Jeff at 254-216-2020

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