Baby Moses

In 1999, after a sudden increase in abandoned infants, Texas became the first state to pass a law to give parents in distress, a safe and legal means to give up their new born babies.  The Baby Moses Lawallows mothers to legally abandon their children in their first 60 days of life with no questions asked. The purpose of the law is to provide a responsible option for distressed parents who see no alternative beyond infant abandonment or worse.  

The name of this law is rooted in the Biblical story of Moses whose mother protected him from a certain death by abandoning him. 

Since the passage of the law over one hundred babies have been saved in Texas alone. Each state has now enacted a similar law to reduce infant abandonment. Unfortunately, many parents are still unaware of this option and still resort to more tragic  means during their distress. 

Please help us to bring awareness of this situation to Texas so that we can fund a marketing campaign, a toll free number resource line, and explore the process of setting up anonymous drop boxes at hospitals and fire stations as is done now in other states.  Please help us to protect innocent babies.

If you feel called to help with this project, please reach out and contact us and we would love to tell you so much more. We suggest you start the first two steps now. First start to Pray about it and second contact us immediately so that we can help you find your purpose in this mission

Our Goals:

  • Promote and educate about the Baby Moses Law in Texas.
  • Promote an 800 number for more information.
  • Discuss and Plan for Baby Drop Boxes in Central Texas.

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