Resale Shop

Giving Back, One Donation at a Time

We make it easy. 

Our store has a donation drop-off location to make donating your items easy. You can drop off your charitable, tax-deductible donations during limited times by appointment only until our store is open in early 2022. 

Acceptable Items:

We gratefully welcome your donations of clean, usable and resalable items. Our Shops feature quality new and gently used merchandise: 

  • Furniture
  • Antiques and collectibles
  • Working Flat screen televisions only, stereo electronics and small appliances (please, no CRT televisions or monitors)
  • Laptop and desktop computers windows 7 or newer  
  • Women’s, men’s and children’s clothing and accessories
  • Housewares, including china, porcelain and glassware
  • Home décor, including lamps, vases and framed art
  • Domestics, including linens, rugs, quilts/comforters and drapery 
  • Exercise equipment and sporting goods
  • Books, audiobooks, music (CDs) and videos (DVD and BlueRay)

We are unable to accept the following items:

  • Mattresses
  • Infant car seats/infant carriers or any recalled children’s items or toys
  • Tube TVs
  • Appliances more than 5 years of age

We will accept car, truck, boat and RV donations in any condition by appointment only. Please call ahead of time so we can best accommodate your needs.

Our Philosophy

We are building a model around the local resale shop concept. We think our ideas offer a fresh spin. Our organization started with small business loans and we think the resale shop adds to that. Here are some of our starting principles.

I. Our goal is to sell items well below their value so that the buyer could turn around and sell it for a profit. This will give more job opportunities and increase the spirit of capitalism.

II. Having low cost children’s items allows children to enjoy nicer things even when their parents can’t afford to buy them at retail prices.

III. Our stores give folks a place to donate items knowing that the money all goes to a good cause. Unlike our competition, there are no high paid executives in our organization.

IV. Resale keeps items out of the land fill. Repurpose and Reuse keeps our community healthier.

V. Volunteer opportunities are available, and not just in other countries where we work, but also right here at home in our local communities.

VI. We provide clothing and other much needed items to local folks who have been devastated by fire or local tragedy.

VII. We have a high turn over of inventory. You can always count on new stuff and new deals every time we open our doors. With our lower prices we go through more inventory than our competitors. We mark down our prices weekly and if the items don’t sell then we send them on to other charitable organizations.

VIII. To reduce overhead cost, our store hours are limited to Fridays and Saturdays only (starting January 2022). During the week, we spend time gathering donations and working on our other projects.

Meet our Director

Jeh Howell joined us in 2021 as the Director of Development, and the hands and feet of The Lords Work. He brings 30 years of corporate management to our organization. He has also simultaneously maintained careers as a graphic artist, sculptor, make up/fx artist, percussionist and teacher. Jeh primarily oversees and manage our newest local project: Our Hospice House and accompanying Resale Shop. After the tragic death of Jeh’s son Cameron in 2019, and witnessing first hand the ‘Faith, Hope and Love’ of Jesus exemplified by hospice, Jeh has a new perspective and passion for end of life care. He is dedicated to bringing that dignity and comfort to others in their final moments of need. 

“Do not be interested only in your own life, but be interested in the lives of others.” Philippians 2:4

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