To date we have successfully placed over 135 goats and 10 donkeys in Haiti. This is where our mission began

Our first goats November 2018

The first micro loan was for a street vendor for $13. Our friend Dr. Maudelin Mesadieu saw a guy on the side of the road selling eggs and with a small loan he witness the change in one mans life. Later Dr. Mesadieu was examining a patient. A small thin baby. He asked the mother “what are you feeding this child?” She replied that she was poor and had very little. Maudelin just happened to have a goat. He offered the goat to the woman to feed her baby the goats milk. They agreed that she would repay this loan, not a gift, a loan, when the goat had a baby. She would give the baby goat back to the doctor for repayment. A goat for a goat.

Dr. Mesadieu was so impressed by these 2 stories that he began to loan money for goats, donkeys and other small businesses. He recognized the empowerment, especially of women who paid the money back 100% of the time. His only limitation to this project was more start up capital. This is where The Lords Work stepped in. Initially we just called it “The Goat Project”, but as you will see, it’s not always a goat. Sometimes it’s a donkey, or a water buffalo. Sometimes it’s just a small business buying and selling items or food.

“How could a Christian in Haiti ever have the joy of helping someone in another developing country?” This idea struck us on our first visit to Haiti. Their travel cost would be prohibitive. Can only the wealthy minister to the poor? Aren’t we all called to the Great Commission?

While we have not taken the people out of Haiti, we have taken the micro-loan idea and knowledge and experience from Dr. Maudelin Mesadieu and we have used it to start programs in multiple other countries.

We are now working on other sites in Southern Haiti with Gabe Lindor, a church planter, to expand this project inside Haiti as well as outside Haiti. We have provided bibles and we continue to explore new projects. We’re praying about a tree farm project and a rabbit husbandry project next.


If you feel called to help in Haiti or with any of our projects, we suggest you start the first two steps now. First start to Pray about it and second contact us immediately so that we can help you find your purpose in this mission.

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