The Lords Work

Three best friends got together in 2018 to just do the Lords work and eventually set up a 501c3 to help get some projects started. Now we are an incubator for great projects looking for others to join in or take them and run.

About Us

In October of 2018 we heard about a great project in Haiti to empower and feed people. This started as the goat project. We would loan $50 to people in Mombin Crotu Haiti to buy a goat and feed their babies. The excess money made by selling goats milk allowed the borrowers to pay the money back. The goat wasn’t a hand out. It was a hand up.


The Lord has now blessed us with 7 projects locally, state wide, nationally and in 7 impoverished countries.


The project is no longer just goats in Haiti. We now have various projects in Nepal, Uganda, Kenya, Liberia, Congo, and Tanzania.

Bible distributions

We provide bibles to people in the US and foreign lands. We work with the Gideons International where possible.

Church building

We have built churches in a dozen foreign countries and even helped with one in Comanche Texas.

Mens conferences

We have 2 regular conferences a year (May, Oct) as well as weekly Mens bible studies in Waco, Temple and Gatesville Texas.

Our Hospice House

We are helping to build homes in Central Texas for hospice patients so that no one has to die alone.

Text from Heaven

Sign up for a free text every day from Heaven. Red letters,

are personalized to you as a daily reminder that He is with you.

Baby Moses

Promotion of the Texas Baby Moses law which allows a mom to leave her baby safely at a Hospital ER or Fire station as long as it is handed to an employee.

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“You and many others have heard what I have taught. You should teach the same thing to some people you can trust. Then they will be able to teach it to others.”

‭‭2 Timothy 2:2

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Email: Jeff@TheLordsWork.Org

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Texas, United States