Doing The Lord’s Work

We are a Christian based, non-profit organization, started in Texas, by a group of Physicians and Missionaries. Our primary project is to provide micro-loans and the principles of capitalism to people in developing nations, to give them an opportunity to improve their ongoing financial situation with the love and support of their fellow man. To empower them and to help them feel good about their accomplishments: specifically their ability to provide for their family. It’s not a hand out; it is a hand up. 100% of donated money directed for micro-loans goes directly to the borrower. All operating costs are covered by the leadership of our organization.

How We Do It

You donate money for a Micro-Loan

Our initial loans in 2018 were in $50 increments. Several of our friends made donations of $500 and purchased 10 goats for 10 impoverished people near Cap Haitian, Northern Haiti. Each person received one goat with the understanding that it was a loan and the money needed to be paid back over the next few months. We now have over 135 goats in Haiti alone. We have since given loans of $20-$50 for animals or small businesses, to people from five countries: Haiti, Kenya, Nepal, Congo, and Uganda. 100% of the donation money we receive for micro-loans goes to the recipient of the loan. None of it goes to the foundation. We run our expenses out of our own individual pockets. Part of our own giving is to run this charity and cover expenses for those who give to support our projects.

We deliver a goat

Having a goat allows a family the use of goat’s milk to feed children, to breed the goat and sell the offspring. This is just one form of small business loan and there are many others we support. Selling food or clothing at roadside stands are also common programs. The most important principal is to buy low, sell high, double your money and pay back your debts, setting up a means to a stable income.

They pay back the loan

We expect each of our recipients to repay the loan back to the organization and then we reuse the money to fund another donation. This gives accountability and a sense of accomplishment to the recipient. This is empowering. It promotes capitalism and the beneficiary then has ownership in improving their life. Our goal is to not just be another handout. We are using principles of capitalism to help people help themselves out of poverty.

  • Don’t give a man a fish, don’t just teach a man to fish, teach a man how to teach a man how to fish.
  • “You and many others have heard what I have taught. You should teach the same thing to some people you can trust. Then they will be able to teach it to others.”

    ‭‭2 Timothy 2:2

    Our Mission Statement

    To share the love and word of Christ by meeting a person’s spiritual and physical needs through the use of Micro-loans, the distribution of Bibles and the development, planting and Building of Churches while promoting:

    ‘Sustainable Christian Community Development’.